Where it all began... 

 In July of 2003, Mr B Hargreaves was thoughtful about his future and after hitting the age of 42 and still not content with the way companies were running and the services they were providing to their clients, he knew it was time for that to change.

Shortly afterwards Mr Hargreaves was informed that Nick Jones was returning from a year out traveling the world, whom he had known since 1997, where they both started working at the same firm. Nick was his right hand man from a young age, he had successfully passed all his courses and NVQ's - he was the perfect candidate.

Work meetings and proposals after, on the 15th September 2003 they started working together on a new adventure; Brian being the Business man and Nick being the installer.

Within days they had a full order book but no company name so on their journey home one day they came up with the name A-Tech Data Solutions. Family man that he is, Mr Hargreaves gave his children some homework, to come up with a unique logo to represent A-Tech, which they did and their input is very much respected to this day. Mr Hargreaves wife, Kim Hargreaves joined as Company Secretary and is a dedicated team member. Taking on more employees from 2004 and a fleet of vans, the company grew rapidly. They were based in a small office  in Stansted Abbotts, which they soon outgrew so they decided to relocate in 2007 to larger premises in Ware.

In 2015 they moved once again, to more modern eco - friendly premises in Hoddesdon which we remain in today.

To this day A-Tech thrives for excellence and they work with some of the world's leading blue chip companies.

Brian Hargreaves
MD of A-Tech Data Solutions Ltd