With more and more devices being wireless capable, and with the end user demanding ever faster download speeds it is essential that the Wireless network installed supports both the latest and emerging technologies. A-Tech partner some of the leading brands in the market using the latest 802.11ac wireless technology to  deliver superb Wi-Fi performance and advanced security features.

We can carry out surveys on your existing Wi-Fi network to eliminate dead spots. Produce heat maps over existing floor plans showing optimum AP positions or complete an onsite survey and adjust your existing AP's for even greater coverage.

Wi-Fi installation isn't just limited to the business; we are discovering  more homes needing improved Wi-Fi to manager with the ever increasing demands of a busy family. The units provided by many ISP's just aren't up to the job with most having to be positioned near the main telephone socket, it isn't ideal for the best coverage.  A-Tech can install wireless units that work with your existing broadband to boost your WiFi performance, making a weak Wi-Fi signal a thing of the past.

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